Our normal pattern of worship is:-                                                                                      

Morning service is at 10.30am (first Sunday in the month Holy Communion).  At the same time as the morning service there is a creche and a Sunday School. The children usually join in with the first part of the morning service in church before continuing with their own session using the Roots Series which follows the lectionary used in church. 

On the first Sunday of the month when a communion service is celebrated they join the congregation later so they can take part.

There are regular all age worship services often joined by the uniformed organisations.

Evening Service at 6.30 pm (Holy Communion on the third  Sunday in the month.

 A number of times a year there will be All Age Worship and a morning parade service for our uniformed groups.



We aim to embrace a variety of approaches in our worship, encouraging the use of different resources and encouraging members of the congregation to offer different talents and gifts which will enhance our worship.


We have a good quality, 2 manual pipe organ for the accompaniment of traditional hymns.  

We also have a church choir and church orchestra!

There is a quiet room open for prayer at all times and particularly on Thursday morning at 9.45 am when a short period of devotions is held.  Anyone and everyone is welcome.

We have a rota of people who provide and arrange flowers in the church week by week..  These flowers are then distributed to people as part of our outreach to the community.

Another attractive feature is our Church Banners 

Visitors and Newcomers are always welcome.


Recently the congregation at Westbury were asked why they come to worship on a Sunday morning. Here is what they said:

  • Belief in God
  • Sharing faith
  • Searching for meaning in this life
  • Giving glory to God
  • Celebrate, with thanksgiving, the life of Jesus
  • Fellowship of the Holy Spirit
  • Faithfulness in worship is an important part of our witness to Godís love
  • Offer praise and thanks
  • To ask for help and guidance
  • To be in the company of other Christians
  • To grow in faith
  • To make a contribution to the community
  • To feel the presence of God
  • For prayer
  • To be still



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