Eco Congregation Success! 

On the 19th April 2016 about 8-10 people met with Alan Emery who came to make an assessment as to whether we should be considered for an Eco-Congregation award*. 
Alan discussed many aspects regarding our build, our worship, and our lifestyles. It was interesting to reflect on the vast array of things that we have continued to build on and the new things we had introduced in our church since 2014. 
It is a great encouragement to our Church that he has recommended we should be successful in gaining this award. 
Thank you to all who have contributed a great deal of time and energy to this project.

* Eco Congregation Award is a wooden plaque to go on the wall at each centre, but more than that, it is a recognition that our church is taking these issues seriously, and weaving creation care into the life and witness of the church. It's an opportunity to show our local community that these issues have their proper home in the life of the church. The Award lasts for two to three years, during which time the hope is that we will continue our journey towards greening our church.

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