And so the story begins.......


My name is Hazel Burston and in May 2009 I was asked if I would like to take over the management of the Church Gardens.

I was delighted to take on the role as I have a keen interest in gardening, not only looking after my own garden at home, but also my allotment. This hobby gives me many hours of pleasure and a great sense of achievement, especially when, after all the hard work, the crops grow and produce a bountiful harvest.

I had already offered advice / guidance to the Guides during 2008 suggesting the addition of a water feature to attract frogs etc, donating a water butt, mini greenhouse, cold frame and assisted with the transfer of some plants in the Autumn.

I intend to keep a running account of what is planned and achieved each month, both in hard copy and on the Church website, giving regular updates enabling the whole congregation to know what is happening. I will also try and give an update in the Church Magazine.

I will also keep an account of any money raised from the sale of produce grown in the garden and anything that the money is spent on, as the intention is to ‘plough’ (excuse the pun!) it back into the garden for the purchase of seeds, plants, equipment etc.

I do hope that as the garden evolves and progresses it will give pleasure to all who use the Church premises, as well as a quiet place to sit, contemplate and take in the wonder of God’s gift of nature. 

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