We have many talents at work within our Church and the results of these labours has greatly enhanced both the church area itself and the rest of our premises.   


An attractive feature is our Church Banners and we had a group who met regularly to make them.  Our church walls are colourfully decorated with an array of ever-changing banners which reflect the cycles in the Church calendar.              






The front vestibule of the church in Waters Lane was recently refurbished.  The old, dark shelves were removed and anyone entering that way is now greeted by this cross which was designed and made by Ann Hayes.  The cross incorporates in the design hand dyed sik and embroidered gold metallic fabric.

Why a rainbow?  It is the covenant sign for God's everlasting goodness.  When the many colours are brought together - they bcome light - and so also if we are properly blended together, we should be the light of the gospel.

This cross, which cradles the multi-natured family of God, has interlnked arms, depicts unity for the family of God that worship in this church.


The pulpit fall was also designed and executed by Ann.  The context of the design is the first year of the second Millenium, when man's mind eventually plumbed the mysteries of the human genome.

The shape of the design is influenced by the form of a DNA spiral, and the colours are inspired by the tongues of fire of the Holy Spirit.  The saw-toothed motif of the edging describes the rough path that life often brings, yet the theme of the design contends that, even when minds discover the greatest secrets of creation, it is still Chist who is at the centre of our living.

The materials of the design are silk and gold embroidery.




Simon Thomas, who was artist in Residence at Bristol University School of Mathematics, created an artwork which can be seen on the wall opposite the new door into the worship area.

Points on a plane have become randomly positioned stars on the wall. The size of the stars being determined by their distance from a "vanishing point" at the centre of the window's rose. Colour and colour intensity have also been incorporated to give an extra dimension which may suggest levels of energy.



It was Simon's aspiration that "STARDUST" would promote a sense of perspective within which one might try to measure and position the importance of the soul.   






The arrival of a patio garden was largely due to the had work of the uniformed organisations, mostly under the direction of Robert Wrench.  This has been well landscaped and maintained into different areas including vegetables, herbs and flowers. 








The recent addition, representing the Guides and Scouts emblems in vibrant blue and white stones, has further enhanced this interesting area. 







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